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The peplum, a term dating back to the 19th century, is a short overskirt  that is usually attached to a fitted jacket. You can see early examples of the peplum in old copies of Godey’s Lady’s Book, a popular magazine in the 19th century that featured poems and especially discussion about fashion.
This early peplum was usually not attached to a jacket, but was merely an extra overskirt flounce sewn onto, and dropping from the waist. The modern peplum, as we now know it, became popular as a design in women’s suiting in the 1940s. Here it took on its most recognizable form. Suit jackets were often fitted at the waist, but fabric extended beyond the waist in an overskirt. A couple of different styles of peplum emerged.
Chanel for fall 2011 Couture

Also we can see this details in such ways:

I find it very feminine and actual for women.And what do You think about it?